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Wrong assumption

I have noticed a series of letters to the editor concerning the Endangered Species Act or modifications of the act. I would like to draw attention to a little-noticed article by the Associated Press, dated Dec. 27, on the same topic.
According to the article, about two decades ago it was determined that the spotted owl was an endangered species. Using some scientific method, it was further determined that logging in the Northwest was the cause of the demise of this owl. Consequently, all logging was halted, sawmills or course went out of business. Families and small towns were decimated as their stream of income stopped.
After two decades of study, it was found that the spotted owl population was still decreasing. It was further determined that barred owls were killing the spotted owls.
Would you assume that the logging industry would be allowed to resume? Guess again. There will be no restitution to those hurt.
However, the new plan calls for the “shot-gunning” of the barred owl to see if this has any effect on the spotted owl population.
As the environmental industry moves along and refuses to acknowledge mistakes, I would think humans are heading toward the endangered species list. I hope the term “shotgunning” is not appropriate to this instance.

Daniel Shirley
Center Township
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