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More bad trash policy


March 1, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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This letter is in response to a current issue facing Slippery Rock borough council as to who is and isn’t entitled to a blue 95 gallon recycling tote. The tote is free of charge to residents through a Butler County grant.

I am a staunch advocate for recycling and have been for years. All of us can cut down on polluting our environment and conserve natural resources by recycling.

When I moved to Slippery Rock, I was astonished to learn the large complex in which I live had no provisions for recycling. When I asked the manager why, she referred me to the borough, saying she didn’t understand why either.

I found this to be the borough’s policy: if any landlord provides residents with roll-off trash bins, those residents are not entitled to curbside recycling. To get recycling, landlords need to pay Tri-County Industries, the borough’s contracted hauler, an extra monthly fee to provide large brown commercial recycling totes to place on the property.

If landlords fail to do this, I was told to dispose of my recyclables along with my trash in the roll-offs. The problem is that recycables are not separated out; thus, they are treated as municipal waste to be buried in a landfill.

The borough’s policy concerning apartment complexes and residences with roll-offs is sheer nonsense and counterproductive to why we should recycle.

This angers me, since I and many others pay the monthly $11.27 trash fee called for in Tri-County’s contract with the borough, and the contract ensures curb-side recycling. Being that our landlords have a roll-off, we are being denied a service we pay for. This is unfair and discriminatory.

It took the borough nine months to reverse the error council made in moving bulk trash pickup from May to March. Now they need to re-evaluate and change their policy concerning roll-offs and recycling. Hopefully, that won’t take the better part of a year to do so.

Slippery Rock borough council needs to quit side-stepping the issues and correct an unfair policy; that, or refund a portion of our money for a service not received.

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