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Crews repairing water main break on Route 19

January 6, 2014 News Extra

CRANBERRY TWP — A water main break took out service to a stretch of businesses along Route 19 early this morning, forcing public works crews into the bitter cold to fix the line.

Township public works Director Jason Dailey said he received notification around 2 a.m. today about the break, which happened near Cranberry Square Drive along Route 19.

Dailey said the break has caused drastic fluctuations in water pressure for businesses along the corridor, mainly from Old Freedom Road to Rochester Road.

“It’s a break that’s primarily affected businesses here along the corridor,” he said. “The cold weather is always a suspect in cases like this, but we’re still in the process of figuring that out,” he added.

Dailey also said a special bus has been brought to the scene to give workers respite from the cold.

They can only work in very short shifts before being forced to warm up.

“Certainly, it’s a top priority to make sure our workers are safe,” he said.

Dailey couldn’t offer a timeline on when full service would be restored to the affected area.