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‘Juvenile adversaries’


January 2, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Thank you David Kerr for your recent letter to the editor (“Put rancor aside,” Dec. 18) about the prospective sale of the Sunnyview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

While I don’t have a strong opinion on the sale, the last two words of Kerr’s letter were a perfect description as to the state of politics in Butler County: “juvenile adversaries.”

I am a “Rush-baby” conservative and proud of it. The circus that has become our county government is an embarrassment to every resident in our community.

I would like to preface my following statements with this: I realize Commissioner Eckstein, many times, is awful at presenting his ideas and beliefs, and as a conservative, I am often opposed to those ideas at their very core. That being said, often, all he is trying to do is reduce unnecessary public spending and question “standard operating procedure.”

The way Dale Pinkerton and Bill McCarrier act at their televised meetings is absolutely shameful. They sit up there with their arms folded, with looks of utter disdain on their faces, and act like anything Eckstein says is not worth their time or attention.

I’ve got news for you boys; as commissioners; you are all equals, elected by the voters, and that is how you should act towards one another.

Shame on all three of you. This county has been lucky enough to experience rare growth at a time when very few counties do, and we are only ever in the Pittsburgh news outlets for the ridiculous behavior of our commissioners. Let’s get to the business at hand, and start acting like adults, not juvenile adversaries.

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