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Kelly has lost touch

Most of us have titles (Mr. Mrs. Dr. etc.). Mike Kelly’s title is supposed to be Rep. But the only person he represents is himself and certainly not his constituents in the 3rd District.
Recently he voted for supplying subsidies to corporate farmers in the Midwest while also voting to cut funds for food stamps for those needing food. He should get out into his district and interview those people he would deprive of food stamps.
What has Kelly done to support the middle class in his district? Nothing. At least Sen. Casey tried to intervene when GE said they were going to lay off 500 workers in Erie. Where was Kelly? He had his head in the sand in the Beltway.
Kelly says he is against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) because he says it will be too costly. How does he know? Tell that to the poor who have been uninsured, those with existing illnesses who can’t get insurance, and tell that to the college student who is covered under his or her parents’ insurance policy. All these are provided under ACA.
Kelly is against anything to help the poor and middle class. From what I hear, he would rather support his Tea Party congressmen and women who would like to see the U.S. go into bankruptcy.
Kelly’s voting record is irresponsive to the wishes of his constituents. It is time to get rid of Kelly and the Tea Party. They are destroying our country.

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Arthur Richards Jr.
Slippery Rock Township
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