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Eckstein’s behavior

“There are so many allegations made against me, I must be doing a good job,” said Butler County Commissioner Jim Eckstein during the commissioners’ Sept. 25 meeting. Chairman Bill McCarrier replied, “Since there are so many allegations, they must be true.”
Eckstein sets a poor example for government service. He seems to be focused on tearing down anyone and everyone in the Government Center with false, misleading information.
Eckstein ran on the premise that the commissioners are overpaid. Yet, he has grabbed every available salary increase. The other two commissioners have declined all salary increases.
At the last meeting, Eckstein rambled on about the financial deficits at Sunnyview Nursing and Rehbilitation Center. He had promised, in writing, that he would donate $50,000 to Sunnyview only if voters elected him in 2011. Not a penny has he donated.
He also challenged the other commissioners to follow his lead and get their health insurance outside the county policy and save taxpayer money. He didn’t say that he has been on his wife’s employer’s policy for years. He gets a $3,600 cash bonus from the county for not using the county’s insurance.
Between lawsuits filed against Eckstein for defamation, written formal complaints from female employees about his behavior, employees’ fear of Eckstien’s future interactions, and his inability to work with others, Eckstien known statewide. As a result of his behavior, the Butler County Democratic Party has censured him.
Butler County is our home. We deserve better.

Dean Pikoulas
Center Township
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