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Robbers take $250,000 in jewelry heist

July 3, 2013 News Extra

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SEVEN FIELDS — Moses Jewelers remains closed today after an armed heist netted robbers an estimated $250,000 Tuesday afternoon.

The three-minutes’ work earned the robbery crew bags of high-end watches and hundreds of rings, Cranberry Township police said.

The unknown bandits are no amateurs, police Sgt. Chuck Mascellino said.

“They knew exactly what they were doing,” he said. “They were practiced in this They were very organized.”

Police said at least four people robbed the store on Route 228 after ordering the employees to the floor at gunpoint.

Mascellino said that police responded to the retailer just before 2 p.m. after employees reported that four or five men had robbed it. No one was hurt.

All but one, who had a gun, wore bandannas to cover their faces.

The crew went around the display counters, hoping to get their hands on the jewelry. But the doors were locked.

“They used a hammer and smashed out the display cases,” Mascellino said.

The crooks, he noted, did not just randomly take out the cases.

“They targeted the higher end jewelry,” he said. “They knew what they were looking for.”

He said they stole more than 50 watches and “hundreds” of rings.

Larry Moses, an owner of the store, said this morning that he couldn’t divulge any further information because of the police investigation.

“It was certainly very unfortunate,” he said, referring further questions to the police.

The only suspect who had identifiable features was a black man who had nothing covering his face. The other robbers had covered their faces.

Anyone able to provide a description of the suspects or vehicle is asked to call police at 724-776-5180, Ext. 5.

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