Mars board approves access road proposal
Cranberry Eagle
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May 27, 2013

ADAMS TWP — If there is one thing Mars School Board member Bonnie Weaver can’t stand, it’s the additional costs that crop up during a construction project.

In her two decades on the board, Weaver has taken many a construction manager to task for added costs that were not anticipated when bids were awarded.

So Weaver told her fellow board members at Monday night’s meeting that she worried about plans to dig to a depth of only one foot to reach stable ground where the district is adding an access road to the elementary school.

In a pre-emptive strike against change orders, Weaver met project consultant Scott Foreman at the site to check the ground and determine if digging one foot deeper would produce firm enough ground to pave over.

Weaver said she and Foreman found three significant soft areas along the road, which begins off Three Degree Road just south of Davidson Drive and continues behind MHY Family Services to the elementary school.

She said the shale and dirt combination the paving company planned to fill the spots with would not provide suitable stability. Foreman suggested a special thick mesh be installed to stabilize the ground before stone is added and rolling and paving begins.

‘That stabilizes it,” Weaver said. “We could keep digging down until we find good soil, but this is the cost-effective way to go.”

Weaver said the new total for the paving is $24,700, which is up from the original $15,500 bid. But she said the board now has a more precise cost estimate.

The board voted to approve Weaver’s recommendations.

Weaver, with her husband, Bill, is the longtime owner of Weaver Master Builders in Mars.

The road project is expected to be completed by the start of the 2013-14 school year.