More captured entrances coming to Seneca schools
Visitors must meet employee before entering
Cranberry Eagle
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April 22, 2013

JACKSON TWP — Six school buildings in the Seneca Valley School District have protective “captured” entrances for student security and more are coming to the secondary campus.

The board voted in 2011 to install those entrances which make it impossible for outside visitors to gain direct access to students without meeting an employee by adding another layer of locked doors in the lobbies.

Robert Cook, the school's director of buildings, grounds and security, told the school board Monday night that he wants to bid out the final three captured entrance projects next month. They would be installed in the Seneca Valley Middle School, the intermediate high school and the high school.

If this is done, then every school in the district will have captured entrances. Construction would start in the summer and finish in the early fall.

Cook said the project would have cost $150,000 in 2011, and he expects that the cost will likely be around that now.

The board in 2011 bid out the captured entrances for the secondary campus, but was forced to scale back those plans because of budgetary constraints.

Board members will vote next month on sending the project out for bid.