Metcalfe invited to SV meeting on pensions
Cranberry Eagle
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March 18, 2013
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Daryl Metcalfe

JACKSON TWP — A member of the Seneca Valley School Board on Monday night invited state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe to a meeting to discuss pension reform, but said he does not expect the politician to attend.

Jim Nickel, who represents part of Cranberry Township on the school board, cited Metcalfe’s “very poor line of communications with Seneca Valley” as his reason for thinking Metcalfe won’t attend a meeting.

Superintendent Tracy Vitale also said that Metcalfe, R-12th, has been invited to school board meetings in the past but hasn’t even responded to those requests.

The issue came up when the school board was discussing pension reform for state and school employees.

Metcalfe said Tuesday that as chairman of the state’s House Government Committee, he likely will have a series of hearings later about the issue.

He had two hearings last year on pension reform, Metcalfe said.

Regarding Nickel’s statements about poor lines of communication, Metcalfe said his electronic memos, e-mails and newsletters are constantly in circulation and serve as a reminder to his dedication to constituents.

In addition, some of the members on Seneca Valley’s board aren’t his constituents since they live outside of his district.

“Mr. Nickel claims I don’t communicate with the school board,” Metcalfe said. “I communicate with all of my constituents. Maybe he’s not in my district.”

Nickel lives in Cranberry, which is in Metcalfe’s district.