Fresh Air: Warm weekend fills parks
Butler Eagle
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March 13, 2013
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Magate Wade, 18, of Cranberry Township gets some air on his skateboard while enjoying the warm weather Saturday at Cranberry Township's AE Ride Skatepark. Spring was in the air last weekend with temperatures in the high 40s on Saturday and highs reaching the mid-60s on Sunday. Cooler temperatures are in the forecast for this weekend.

Butler County residents took advantage of a dose of springlike weather during the weekend by visiting community and state parks.

With temperatures in the high 40s on Saturday and into the 60s on Sunday, they skateboarded, walked, played and bicycled while soaking up the sun.

Users of Cranberry Township's AE Ride Skatepark on Saturday said they would be there no matter what the weather.

“I already took my hour-and-a-half walk this morning. Who cares what the weather is? If I want to do it, I'm doing it. Bundle up and let's go,” said Katherine Calabrace of Cranberry Township, who brought her son, Brandon Saracco, 9, to skateboard.

She said that although they go to the community park and swimming pool regularly, they are undaunted by a chill.

“He'll go down the slides even if they're covered with snow. He doesn't care,” Calabrace said.

Zach Robinson, 16, of Mars and Tim Boggs, 17, of Cranberry Township don't mind the cold, just the snow.

Robinson, on a skateboard, and Boggs, on a BMX bike, were among a number of people that grew throughout the afternoon, enjoying the skatepark atop skates, scooters, boards and bikes.

“We have come here when there was snow on the ground and cleared the ramps with shovels. We don't care if it's cold,” Robinson said.

“It's our own world where we can be ourselves and relieve some stress.”

Boggs said it's nice to come to the skatepark both early in the day and early in the season.

“You can warm up and not sweat a lot, and if you do badly, no one is watching,” he said.

Meanwhile, at Cranberry Community Park, Lee Robins of Wexford brought his daughters, Jazz, 7, and Lai, 4, to enjoy the Playtime Palace, a wooden castle and playground.

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Tonka, left, belonging to Kery Rogers and Tricia Gordon of Freedom, and Mia, belonging to Emily Chase of Cranberry Township, enjoy the warm weather at the Rotary dog park in Cranberry on Saturday.

“We were on a run to the toy store here, this happened to be the closest park,” Robins said.

“So I figured we'd get out and play. They have been going crazy in the house.”

He said the weather hasn't permitted much outdoor activity, and Nintendo Wii winter olympics video games only go so far.

“You exhaust your options for things to do. They've played hospital, superhero ... every game in their imaginations,” Robins said.

At Slippery Rock Park, Molly Breakiron of Slippery Rock read a few books while her 3-year-old daughter, Abigail, goofed around at the playground.

The two stopped at the Slippery Rock Community Library, where Breakiron picked up her books, before enjoying the sun.

“I knew I wanted to add it to our day as something to do,” Breakiron said.

Though they are regular park-goers, this was the first time this year they had gone there.

Usually, Breakiron reads while her daughter burns off some energy. However, Breakiron joins her daughter at play from time to time.

With the warmer temperatures, Breakiron is getting excited for even better weather to come.

“It's almost here,” Breakiron said of spring.

Near Lakeview Beach on Moraine State Park's North Shore, Sean Curran of Saxonburg was basking in the pleasant weather with his wife, Stacy, and their two children, 4-year-old Soda and 2-year-old Daisy, as well as the family's 12-week-old black Labrador, Cookie.

“This is a great day,” Curran said.

Although it has been a relatively cold winter, the family has visited the park a few times this year. On Saturday, the family was at the playground at Lakeview Beach.