Seneca Valley might lose $90K due to sequester
Loss would hit next school year
Cranberry Eagle
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March 11, 2013

JACKSON TWP — The Seneca Valley School District could lose more than $90,000 as part of the recent sequester of federal funds.

However, the district won’t start to feel the money crunch until the next school year since current federal funds already are dispersed and in use.

School officials at the board meeting Monday talked about the potential impacts caused by the massive spending cuts enacted Friday.

According to a document distributed by school officials, Seneca Valley is to receive $1.6 million from the federal government. That number could be cut by 5 to 6 percent, which could result in funding losses of $89,000 to $95,700.

The document also said the majority of that money is for special education and Title I grants.