Nuisance law made stricter
Seven Fields adds $25 fine to warning letter
Cranberry Eagle
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March 4, 2013

SEVEN FIELDS — Borough council Monday night passed an ordinance aimed at more aggressively pursuing residents who break or disobey nuisance laws.

The nuisance laws govern actions such as how long residents have to shovel snow off their sidewalks or to cut their grass.

Residents previously received a warning letter from borough officials informing them that they were in violation of the nuisance ordinance, and were given a set time to rectify the problem.

But council changed its approach Monday night, and passed the ordinance which immediately enacts a $25 fine included in the warning letter.

In addition, residents will have only 10 days to both pay the fine and rectify the violation. Failure to do both will result in a citation from a district judge.

“It appears we are seeing more and more of the same repeat complaints and violations,” manager Tom Smith said. “It is impacting the community in a negative way so we’re becoming a bit more aggressive in an effort to correct those behaviors.”

Smith said the most common complaints deal with snow or ice removal from sidewalks, residents not picking up dog droppings and people who go too long without cutting their grass.

Anyone who repeats the same behavior a second time immediately will be issued a citation.

The change in law is necessary because the nuisance ordinance is “routinely violated” in a way that affects the “health, welfare and safety” of Seven Fields residents, according to language in the new ordinance.