Counselor is rehired after Mars furlough
Cranberry Eagle
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February 11, 2013

ADAMS TWP — One of two guidance counselors furloughed from Mars High School last year has been rehired.

The Mars School Board on Tuesday night voted to recall Lesley Kennedy. She, another high school guidance counselor, plus two technology integration teachers were furloughed as a result of budget constraints.

The furloughs, plus other cuts, were necessary in July to bridge a $2.5 million gap in the school district budget.

Superintendent William Pettigrew said he recommended that the board recall Kennedy for consistency in the guidance department.

Pettigrew said Kennedy will have the salary and benefit rates she had at the time of her furlough.

During the budget process, several parents complained to the board about the guidance furloughs, saying each class at the high school should continue to have a dedicated counselor.

High school teacher Darcy Silbaugh told the board Tuesday that teachers will be thrilled to hear of Kennedy’s recall.

“It can only be positive,” Silbaugh said. “We really appreciate her reinstatement.”