Westinghouse touts progress in China
February 11, 2013
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Westinghouse announces the successful setting of an AP1000 containment vessel top head at the Sanmen Unit 1 nuclear power plant being built in China. Placement of the 659-ton containment vessel was finished on Feb. 5.

BEIJING — Westinghouse Electric announced the successful setting of a AP1000 containment vessel top head for the nuclear island of Unit 1 at the Sanmen site in China.

The containment vessel top head weighs about 659 tons. Placement of it was finished on Feb. 5, according to a company news release.

Setting of the containment vessel top head is a significant step in Westinghouse’s delivery of the world’s first AP1000 nuclear power plant.

“The successful setting of the AP1000 containment vessel top head shows that Westinghouse, its partners and Chinese customers are committed to bringing China’s first four AP1000 units online safely and with high quality,” said Deva Chari, Westinghouse senior vice president for Nuclear Power Plant Project Delivery, in the release.

Westinghouse and its consortium team member The Shaw Group signed contracts in 2007 with Chinese customers to provide four AP1000 pressurized water reactors in China, two in Sanmen in Zhejiang, and another pair in Hanyang in Shandong province.

China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation expects the first AP1000 unit at Sanmen will start to produce electricity in 2014.

Westinghouse is a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies to utilities throughout the world.

Westinghouse is based in Cranberry Township.