Standout Siblings
Getsy, Goetz brother-sister combos enjoying stellar seasons for Mars
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January 30, 2013
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Mars’ Sara Getsy is part of two sets of siblings in the midst of very productive seasons for Mars.

ADAMS TWP — Basketball is a popular topic in the Getsy home.

Between the exploits of senior Matt Getsy on the court for the Mars boys team and the play of sophomore Sara Getsy on the Planets’ girls hoop team, basketball is never far from the dinner-time conversation.

“Me and my brother always talk about it,” Sara Getsy said. “And my dad — my dad talks about it 24-7. I don’t mind because I really like it, except maybe when I have a bad game, then they go on about that.”

Meanwhile, in the Goetz home, basketball also dominates the conversation.

Josh Goetz is a senior on the Mars boys team while Ali Goetz is a sophomore for the Planets girls team.

“We talk about it constantly,” Ali Goetz said.

And why not? All four are having standout seasons for their teams.

Ali Goetz is averaging 13.9 points per game to lead the Planets. She’s also second in Butler County in scoring average.

Meanwhile older brother Josh is scoring 11.3 points per game and averaging nearly 10 rebounds per contest.

Sara Getsy isn’t far behind, averaging 12.5 points per contest for the Mars girls.

Her older brother Matt is scoring 11.3 points per game.

Both pairs of siblings are very competitive.

“It’s always a competition between me and my brother,” Sara Getsy said. “We’d always play against each other in the driveway.”

“It’s always them thinking they are so much better than us,” Ali Goetz added. “I never win against him, but he helped me so much competitive-wise. Because he’s so big, it helped me become more physical.”

Josh Goetz has blossomed this season, using his 6-foot-8 frame and mid-range shooting touch to dominate inside for Mars.

“Goetz has improved tremendously since last year,” said Knoch boys basketball coach Ron McNabb. “I’m really impressed with him.”

Matt Getsy also has blossomed, transforming from an outside shooter into an inside presence for the Planets.

As seniors, both are also team leaders.

Their sisters have also become leaders, even though they are only sophomores.

“Sometimes when I’m coaching, I forget they are sophomores,” said Mars girls basketball coach Tony Howard. “With the type of team we have this year, they don’t have to do everything for us. That’s helped.”

The brothers have tried to do everything they can to help their younger sisters.

Both Josh and Matt have offered advice and guidance.

“I really helped her with her shooting,” Matt Getsy said. “I helped her get her form down when she was younger. I’m pretty tough on her. When I see her not doing something right, I want to fix it.”

Ali is a bit more independent these days.

“She doesn’t really ask for my advice a lot,” Josh Goetz said. “But I sort of help her with her down low moves. I think she can handle herself. She’s pretty tough.”

The pair of siblings differ, though, on one main point of contention.

Who would win a 2-on-2 battle on the court — the the Goetz or Getsy tandem?

“Us. Big time,” Matt Getsy said. “We have the speed.”

Josh Goetz shakes his head.

“No. No way. We have the size,” he said.

Perhaps someday, in a driveway somewhere in Adams Township, the debate will be decided.