January 30, 2013
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Kimberly Ball

Every week, The Cranberry Eagle will spotlight a local educator, providing a glimpse into what makes them tick.

QUESTION: Why did you become a teacher?

ANSWER: I love children and their enthusiasm. It’s wonderful to see the look on their faces when they have accomplished or learned something new.

QUESTION: What is one sentence that sums up what you believe is the key to teaching?

ANSWER: The key is being a caring, flexible, patient person who adapts easily to all situations.

QUESTION: When you’re not teaching, you most likely can be found doing what?

ANSWER: You will find me reading, skiing, golfing, “zumba-ing” or biking.

QUESTION: What is one thing about you that likely would surprise your students?

ANSWER: I am an avid hockey fan and have been since I was 10 years old.


SCHOOL: Rowan Elementary School

GRADE: First grade

EXPERIENCE: 14 years

HOMETOWN: Penn Hills

RESIDENCE: Cranberry Township

FAMILY: Husband, Bob; three children, Jason, Justin, and Melissa; and a dog, Riley