Seven Fields wants new coverage deal
Cranberry Eagle
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January 23, 2013

SEVEN FIELDS — The borough isn’t happy with the price it pays the Adams Area Fire District for coverage, and officials hope to negotiate a new contract.

Manager Tom Smith said Monday that Seven Fields last year paid more than $48,000 to the fire company for services, a large increase over the $17,000 the borough paid in 2002.

Seven Fields usually pays about a 10 percent increase in costs each year, Smith said. The three-year contract will expire at the end of this year.

Smith made it clear that council isn’t looking elsewhere for coverage, but rather wants to negotiate terms for a new contract.

“Our intent is to continue our relationship with Adams Area but to bring costs more in line with what’s fair to them and fair to us,” Smith said.

Seven Fields is a community that’s done growing, Smith said, which severely limits new revenue for the borough.

That means it becomes harder to pay escalating costs for services such as fire and police coverage.

“We appreciate and are very thankful for our relationship with the fire district and its service,” Smith said.

“This isn’t a reflection upon that. It’s based on what’s financially sustainable for us.”

The borough manager said he’s setting up a meeting with two council members to discuss the issue. He expects to meet in the coming weeks with officials from the fire company.

This isn’t the first time Seven Fields officials have expressed discontent with the price of contracting services.

Borough officials last year asked Cranberry Township for an early termination of a police services contract because of escalating costs, a request that was denied.

That contract expires at the end of 2014.