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Pay-cut idea good


January 8, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Pat McCall, in a Dec. 11 letter to the editor, stated that the Butler County commissioners should take a 50 percent pay cut.

How could they sue each other if they had to give up 50 percent of their taxpayer money?

I think most taxpayers agree with Kathy Whitecotton’s letter of Dec. 16 that our commissioners are a joke.

We have immature kids instead of mature adults running our county government and spending our tax dollars.

Judge Thomas Doerr should have started proceedings to eliminate the commissioners, instead of directing that a security guard be stationed on the commissioners’ floor in the county Government Center.

We need to remember all this in the next election and replace these kids — with men or women.

Whoever replaces them will be better than the poor example of commissioners we now have.

Then there was Chuck Thomas’ Dec. 11 letter, which dealt in part with teachers’ salary increases. How much time do teachers spend actually teaching the students, and what do the teachers contribute toward their health care coverage? Do retired people on fixed incomes really matter? Should we be put on a slab of ice and be set out to drift?

We have spent our usefulness.

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