January 2, 2013
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Jennifer McClelland

QUESTION: Why did you become a teacher?

ANSWER: I became a teacher because I was inspired by teachers who, along with my family, impacted my life, shared with me their passion for learning and encouraged me to never stop trying.

QUESTION: What is one sentence that sums up what you believe is the key to teaching?

ANSWER: I believe the key to teaching is to remember that each student comes into your classroom with their own set of issues be it good or bad and you have to be willing to listen and understand all those issues to be the best teacher for them.

QUESTION: When you’re not teaching, you most likely can be found doing what?

ANSWER: When I am not teaching I can most likely be found baking cookies, working in my garden, taking walks in the woods with my husband and spending time with my best friend and daughter Ashleigh.

QUESTION: What is one thing about you that likely would surprise your students?

ANSWER: The one thing that would surprise my students would be that I have beaten Super Mario Bros.