January 2, 2013
The following school lunch menus have been announced through Jan. 9.


Thursday — Whole-grain chicken patty sandwich, fat free pudding, oven-ready potatoes, lettuce tomato and pickle, assorted milks & juices
Friday — Double-sided stuffed cheesy pizza, “The Max”, tossed salads, cucumbers, oranges, assorted milks & juices
Monday — Grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, peaches, assorted milks & juices
Tuesday — Popcorn chicken, whole grain roll, sweet potatoes low sodium fry, celery, carrot and broccoli boat, diced mango, kiwi & peaches, assorted milks & juices
Jan. 9 — Nachos Grande with a roll (meat and cheese), kidney beans & steamed corn, fresh bananas, assorted milks & juices
Thursday — Steak and cheese hoagie, peppers & onions, Ribby sandwich, vegetable soup, curley fries, cucumber slices, strawberry cups, fajita chicken pizza
Friday — Grilled cheese, tomato soup, hot Italian hoagie, mixed hot veggie, peaches, three cheese pizza
Monday — Chicken tenders mashed potatoes and gravy, fajita chicken & cheese wrap, steamed broccoli, carrots, banana peppers pizza
Tuesday — Lasagna roll ups, breadstick, Sloppy Joe on a bun, steamed green beans, cucumbers, applesauce, banana peppers pizza
Jan. 9 — La Cinnamon French Toast, cheesy scrambled eggs, chipped ham barbecue, bun, assorted side yogurt cups, oven-roasted potatoes, oranges, oven roasted veggies pizza

Today — No school
Thursday — Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and fruit
Friday — Popcorn shrimp with salad and fruit
Monday — Meatball sandwich, baked fries and fruit
Tuesday — Walking Taco with toppings and salad
Jan. 9 — Chicken sticks with tossed salad and fruit