Zelienople revitalization at forefront moving to ’13
Cranberry Eagle
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January 1, 2013

ZELIENOPLE — The potential to revitalize and transform downtown Zelienople through a series of improvements and the commitment of business and community leaders was a welcomed event and brings new hope for 2013.

New decorative sidewalks and crosswalks, historic lighting fixtures and traffic signal arms and gateways at each end of Main Street are some of the main features of the revitalization effort in Zelienople that began to take shape in 2012.

The Zelienople Downtown Revitalization Project’s three goals are to improve the appearance and infrastructure within the borough, to stimulate economic revitalization and to promote the borough.

The project area runs on Main Street from Northview Drive to Culvert Street, including the blocks in between.

The designers are looking at the feasibility of moving the utility lines underground through the corridor or running them down one side of Main Street.

At Four Corners Parks at Grandview Avenue, a concept is set in motion to improve the connectivity of the parks and establish a northern gateway with crosswalks, a public fountain, a pedestrian circle connecting the parks and a more defined memorial plaza.

The designers also are looking at increasing and improving public parking.

Zelienople’s revitalization effort comes on the heels of similar efforts in Slippery Rock and Grove City.

The project designers are in the middle of developing a financial plan to identify ways to fund the project that is expected to be outlined in 2013.