SV officials dispel rumor of violence
Cranberry Eagle
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December 19, 2012

JACKSON TWP — Seneca Valley School District officials investigated last weekend and found no credibility behind a rumor involving the potential of student violence.

That rumor began circulating Thursday, according to Jackson Township police Chief Terry Seilhamer, but began to pick up traction after Friday's mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.

The police chief wouldn't go into specifics regarding the details of the rumor.

“The administration investigated the rumor promptly and they shared the results with us,” the chief said. “We saw that there was just no substantiation whatsoever. It was deemed a rumor that just fed on itself and, with today's social media, it just mushroomed into this gigantic thing.”

Seilhamer said administrators interviewed every person whose name came up in regards to the rumor before reaching its conclusion.

In a letter sent to parents Sunday, Superintendent Tracy Vitale said administrators worked with law enforcement during the weekend to ensure student safety.

“It's also important to note that all threats in our district are reviewed and investigated with great care and, again, in cooperation with local law enforcement. For example, we are aware of the rumor that has surfaced in the high schools,” Vitale said.

“With due diligence, administration has informed the authorities and, in cooperation, we have investigated its origin. At this time, it remains an allegation with no credible source.”

Vitale added parents will always be promptly notified if a credible threat exists. She also advised parents to immediately report any firsthand knowledge of a potential threat.