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Theft, election wrong


December 6, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I’m writing in response to the Nov. 30 letter to the editor from Terri Wells of Washington Township dealing with political signs that were stolen.

I agree. It’s a shame that people choose to take out their frustration in such a manner. Unfortunately, we have become a country with two very distinct and separate populations. We have very different and very strong opinions that only have been magnified by the current administration.

Half of us believe in the American dream, capitalism, and small government. We believe that with hard work and a self-reliant approach (and God’s grace) the sky is the limit. We believe the government should work for the people, not the other way around.

The other half of the population believes something very different — big government, redistribution of wealth, “trickle-up” economics — the European way.

We most likely aren’t going to change their minds, and vice versa.

I confess that I was one of the many who didn’t believe that the Nov. 6 election would be close. I never thought that even one-third of the voters would choose four more years of a failed debacle. Alas, 51 percent did.

I can’t imagine why people would want record unemployment, welfare and food stamps. Or, why people would support an administration that doubled our national debt in less than four years.

The one comment Wells made that compelled me to write this letter was that Mitt Romney “is a tax dodger.” That is patently false and reprehensible.

Romney’s considerable fortune was earned through hard work and smart business. He paid taxes when he earned the money, and he now pays taxes on the earnings from his investments.

Capital gains are currently taxed at 15 percent. Whether someone is a “fat cat” or a regular Joe like me, the tax rate for that kind of income currently is 15 percent. Romney has paid more than $60 million in taxes in his lifetime.

Additionally, Romney has given millions to charity, without taking all of the tax deductions to which he was entitled.

It also takes great nerve to point to Romney with regard to the Libya embassy attack. That tragedy has the appearance of a massive coverup by the Obama administration.

I also found it ironic that Wells made a parallel to Franklin D. Roosevelt — the president who started many of the social programs that have ballooned into such a mess today.

In any event, I’m sure Wells’ half of the country will continue to think that the election was historic and great, and my half will continue to think it was and is a sad time in the history of this nation.

It is nevertheless still unfortunate that Wells’ signs were stolen.

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