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Admit Obama errors


November 29, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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Apparently, Rick Devore lives with his head buried in the sand.

When President Barack Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, the national debt was $9.9 trillion. It now is over $16 trillion and growing.

Obama policies have contributed to the national debt and budget deficit. Obama appointed a deficit commission, but then chose to ignore the report.

The deficit has gone up 54 percent in his four years, which is much higher than the increase during George W. Bush’s entire two terms.

When does Obama own this economy?

In regard to his apology tour, yes, that did happen. When the president goes to other countries and says Americans are arrogant, and when he bows down before foreign leaders instead of showing pride in his country, that is a sign of weakness.

Obama also said we are not a Christian nation. I beg to differ.

In regard to class warfare, the president has done everything he could to pit the middle class against the wealthy. Since when has it become a crime to work hard and achieve?

Go ahead, raise taxes and see how much further the debt will increase.

Just wait until the Bush tax cuts expire, which, by the way, were not just for the rich.

Businesses already are talking about layoffs due to Obamacare and uncertainty.

The poverty rate is up 16 percent. Among blacks, the poverty rate has gone up 26 percent.

Food stamp use also has increased since Obama took office.

Women might very well be smarter than men, but in this case they failed to look at the real picture. What rights were attacked? How were their reproductive rights being attacked?

Birth-control pills denied? No one was going to take away their birth-control pills, but the point is, why should their pills be paid for by the rest of us?

Take a look at Benghazi. The truth has yet to be told. Four Americans are dead, but the president has failed to answer questions. He just says we still are investigating.

When will he speak the truth?

Under Obama, we can look forward to smaller cars, less pay, higher utility bills, higher health care costs, more people needing other people’s money, loss of our freedoms, more government lies, higher taxes and even our allies mistrusting us.

Maybe Devore should watch Fox News — he would get both sides of a story rather than just one.

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