November 28, 2012
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Lisa Tyson

Every week, The Cranberry Eagle will spotlight a local educator, providing a glimpse into what makes them tick.

QUESTION: Why did you become a teacher?

ANSWER: My mom, my hero, was a teacher and I saw how happy and fulfilled she was in her work; I felt called to experience the same joy and I do — daily.

QUESTION: What is one sentence that sums up what you believe is the key to teaching?

ANSWER: Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I strive to know my kids well and to love each of their uniqueness.

QUESTION: When you’re not teaching, you most likely can be found doing what?

ANSWER: Hanging out with my family and friends or working in my yard.

QUESTION: What is one thing about you that likely would surprise your students?

ANSWER: They are always surprised that I have been doing this for so long because I don’t seem that old! (Ha Ha!) Seriously, that I am a Navy brat, born in San Diego, and spent part of my childhood in Japan and Texas.


SCHOOL: Seneca Valley Middle School

GRADE: 7 and 8 Reading

EXPERIENCE: 24 years


RESIDENCE: Rochester

FAMILY: I come from a very large close-knit family; my niece, Paige, is my joy.