Metcalfe to shutter office in Middlesex
Cranberry Eagle
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November 28, 2012
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Daryl Metcalfe

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe will close his Middlesex Township district office at the end of this month in an effort to save money on expenses.

The state representative said he’ll also eliminate a full-time staff position as part of the office closing. The Route 8 office will officially close Friday.

Metcalfe said Monday that his budget from the state hasn’t increased in the 14 years he has been in office, a fact that partly contributed to his decision to close the office.

“My legislative accounts have stayed the same during the last 14 years and during that time there have been increased costs in rent, postage, energy and communications,” he said. “When I looked at those costs that continue to rise and appropriations that stay the same, it requires us to live within our means.”

In a minute-long video on his website, Metcalfe said the closure will help him “substantially save” on other office expenses. He will continue to operate a district office out of the Cranberry Township Municipal Center.

“My objective is to create more efficiencies within my office while providing the highest level of service to my constituents,” Metcalfe said in the video.

Metcalfe said he’s operated an office in Middlesex Township for at least 10 years, and added that he doesn’t think the office closure will limit his availability to constituents.

That’s because a majority of constituent contacts he receives are through e-mails and other electronic means.

Metcalfe urged concerned constituents to contact him at his Cranberry office.