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Article published November 27, 2012

Julieanna Haslett

Julieanna Haslett, 5

Dear Santa,
Hi! How are you? I am good. I know you are very busy this time of year, but my mommy says I have been very good this year and I should ask you for a few toys.
As you know, Im a very big girl and I love to help my mommy and miss teresa with everything.
Please, if you can, bring me a purple piggy bank, lots of barbies, a leap frog lap top, coloring books, crayons, markets, nintendo 3DS with games, an Ipod, monster high makeup set, monster high dolls, bratzillas dolls, a helicopter & lots of books to read.
And anything else you think I would like and dont forget to eat your cookies, drink your milk and feed your reindeer. Thank you so much. Love your friend