Hostess outlet to close doors
2 people here are losing jobs
Butler Eagle
Written by:
Kelly B. Garrett
November 26, 2012

BUTLER TWP — The Hostess Bakery Outlet on Evans City Road will be closed in a few days.

Blynn Austin, a Hostess spokesman, said Tuesday in an e-mail that the store’s two employees are part of the 18,000 Hostess workers who have found themselves out of work when the Bakers Union and the company failed to reach a compromise. The union had been on strike.

The failure of negotiators was announced Friday with the maker of snack food industry icons Twinkies and Ho-Hos, filing for bankruptcy for the third time in recent years. Hostess also asked U.S. Bankruptcy Courts to sell the company’s assets as soon as possible.

Although a last-ditch mediation effort between the company and the union was requested Monday by the courts, Hostess shut down its website, except for a page explaining why the company is closing.

The Hostess Bakery Outlets featured day-old breads, snack cakes and pies, as well as cereal, crackers and other snacks.

The Evans City Road store was well stocked Friday, but now its shelves are increasingly bare.

The actual day of closure of this store has not been announced.