Age only a number to duo
Butler Eagle
Written by:
Pamela McCarrier
November 19, 2012
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Seniors Katy Davidson, 94, of Mars, right, and Pearl Gilboux, 90, of Butler dance recently to country music at the American Legion in Lyndora. Davidson and Gilboux dance every Wednesday night.

LYNDORA — Katy Davidson of Mars and Pearl Gilboux of Butler don't let their age stop them from dancing every Wednesday night at the American Legion in Lyndora.

“I like to dance for the exercise,” Davidson said. “The doctor said there's nothing better for women, especially my age.”

Davidson will be 95 years old on Feb. 1, while Gilboux will be 91 years old in March.

Gilboux has been going to the Wednesday night dance since it started nearly seven years ago.

“The only time we ever miss a dance is when they cancel it because of the weather, but she hasn't missed a dance since as far back as I can remember,” said Gilboux's daughter, Judi Goepfert.

Davidson's daughter, Sandy Shoup, has also been taking her mother the past four years.

Shoup started going to dances with friends after her husband died from cancer.

“When Dad (Lew Davidson) passed away, I started taking Mom along just as something to do to get her out, and it became a routine,” Shoup said.

The women don't have to worry about dancing alone, as the men dance with everyone.

“I said to a girl friend, 'Listen. I'm an old lady and I have to dance with your husband because I don't have a husband,' and we have a good time,” Davidson said.

During the dance, Gilboux likes to polka by herself and show off doing knee bends.

“(I've) always had a love for dancing,” Gilboux said.

Davidson and Shoup attend two other dances weekly, Monday nights at the Scott Township Fire Hall and Saturday night at the East Butler Fire Hall. However, they said the band at the American Legion is the greatest.

“They are a terrific band,” Shoup said.

Goepfert said people come from far away just to dance to My Happiness Band's music.

“I have seen professional dancers go there and I've had the dancers come over and tell us that they like coming here because it's the only place in the area where the band plays good enough for them to dance,” Goepfert said.

During the breaks, the band members often sit and talk with Davidson and Gilboux.

“(Gilboux) socializes a lot,” Goepfert said. “She just loves to talk to everybody.”

With a varied attendance of about 70 to 110 people every Wednesday, the ladies enjoy their weekly dancing with great friends.

“It's just getting out with nice friends and seeing them on a weekly basis,” Shoup said. “A lot of them you don't really know their names, but you recognize their faces.”

Shoup even met her current fiance, Butch Michaels, at one of the dances she attends with her mother.

“My mother kept saying 'Why don't you ask my daughter to dance?'” Shoup said.

Neither Davidson or Gilboux had professional dance lessons, they just learned to dance when they were younger.

“In her day, you had to be rich to take dancing lessons or to learn,” Goepfert said.

Lyndora American Legion Post 778 First Vice Commander Mike Curcio said the post began hosting the dance after the Saxonburg American Legion was no longer able to.

“It gives the senior citizens or it gives the people who want to dance some place to go,” Curcio said. “It's more along the lines of cordially nice social activities.”


WHAT: Dance to the music of My Happiness Band

WHEN: From 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. every Wednesday

WHERE: Lyndora American Legion Post 778, 150 Legion Memorial Lane.