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Danger awaits U.S.


November 14, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I admired Colleen Hroncich’s Nov. 9 letter to the editor and would like to add my thoughts.

Many people are unaware that, just three weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama moved the Census Bureau into the White House under control of Rahm Emanuel, and had the census director bypass the commerce secretary.

Many considered that a potentially dangerous and abusive political move. The Census Bureau, every 10 years, compiles very personal and sensitive demographic/economic information of virtually all American citizens.

Its latest report read that 46.2 million Americans (one out of every six) and 25.7 million women (16.3 percent) are living in poverty under Obama. Moreover, families living in poverty have increased by 9.5 million, a record high.

Does the job market and the way Obama manages welfare have anything to do with that?

The Obama re-election team pioneered a new technique dubbed “data mining,” whereby, using private census records, went into townships, cities, counties and states armed with data of household incomes, dependents, church affiliations, race, etc., and used that data to register new voters.

Those new registrations would tend to vote Democratic, with very probable huge percentages of those persons dependent on government handouts.

It appears that scheme has been going on for the past two or three years.

This tells why Mitt Romney lost the election so decisively. Obama now has total control of 50-plus percent of the electorate, comprising most teachers, union bosses, people in government, and citizens on welfare, disability, food stamps and in poverty needing handouts.

Obama now has full control of the electorate and no incentive to be bipartisan.

Maybe taxpayers, burdened with the current trillions in outlays, should refuse to pay income tax until Congress passes a blanaced budget and reduces the squandering giveaways.

Spending more than is being taken in and bailouts are a lethal mind-set. It might take a few years, but the end result will be total annihilation of our once-free country.

The United States has been transformed into a “body politic” not unlike a political dictatorship, socialist and/or Communist regime.

The Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin once said, “Those who cast votes decide nothing; it is those who count votes who decide everything.”

With Obama in control, he becomes the new vote-counter.

It’s such a shame Americans are hooked on reality television shows but don’t take the time to educate themselves about a more paramount and grave true reality.

And, here’s a prediction: Tune in for the state of California’s bailout scheme.

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