Harmony won’t give money to Zelie park
Cranberry Eagle
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November 14, 2012

HARMONY — The borough will not give $11,000 to Zelienople for its parks this year because of budgetary constraints.

Harmony last year gave that amount to get discounts for its residents at Zelienople’s park and pools. Harmony council decided Tuesday not to donate any money this year because of budget concerns.

Harmony President Jack Shanks said Friday that council would have to raise property taxes by 2 mills to donate the same amount this year.

“This year because money is tight we knew that $11,000 was tricky when we started working on the budget,” Shanks said. “It just wasn’t feasible.”

Zelienople council member Mary Hess, who works closely with Zelienople’s Friends of the Park organization, said the group usually has $20,000 to $40,000. She said the loss of Harmony’s contribution isn’t a small matter.

“Who it impacts really is the citizens of Harmony because they abut us and lot of their residents use our park,” Hess said. “A lot of them are volunteers for the park, and it’s unfortunate for them because we’ve tried to do everything we can to accommodate Harmony in this situation. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen.”

Hess added that she’s disappointed with the decision but understands the reasons behind it.

For Harmony’s part, Shanks added borough officials will revisit the matter next year to re-evaluate if or how much money council can give for the park.