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Deputy coroner praised

November 9, 2012 Letters to the Editor

On Nov. 1, the Butler Eagle published a letter from a woman who stated that she found Butler County Deputy Coroner Dennis Trzeciak’s description of the Larry Karnes home in Connoquenessing Borough offensive.

Trzeciak stated that the home was dirty and full of junk, which perhaps goes to the motivation level of the grandson’s being unwilling to help the grandfather with household chores.

I am certain Trzeciak’s answer to this question was merely fact, and not given in an accusatory manner.

I have known and worked with Trzeciak in excess of 25 years. He is a former state trooper who, if he found a household or children in need during his duties, unknown to anyone he would provide necessities for that family. He is the soul of kindness. I never have heard him say one word that would inflict hurt, disgrace or anger among any of his daily contacts.

His job is an unbelievably difficult one. He is the man on the scene of horrific traffic accidents, homicides, suicides and other life events that require calm, expertise, sound judgment and great skills. He is an asset to Butler County and does not deserve any second-questioning by a member of the public who was not present, or involved, in the Karnes grandfather/grandson tragedy.

Life is short. Instead of questioning a devoted public servant, perhaps the woman who wrote the Nov. 1 letter should be looking into why the Karnes family was living in such dreadful conditions.

In any event, Trzeciak is a gentleman in every meaning of the word, and those of us who know him take great exception to any marring of his excellent reputation and professional skills.