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Prior board effective

October 25, 2012 Letters to the Editor

It appears Center Township Supervisor Ed Latuska is suffering “selective memory.”

In his Oct. 21 letter to the editor, “Center plan is bad idea,” Latuska states he has nothing to gain or lose should township voters approve the referendum returning the township to a three-member board of supervisors.

The fact is Latuska could possibly lose his seat — and also his township-paid health insurance.

The current board does not vote as individuals, but rather as a bloc.

Latuska has described me as intolerant and abrasive, and that my idea of representative government is to impose my will without compromise. Not once during the four years I served on the board with Latuska was he critical of my performance as chairperson.

Latuska’s letter states that I left 12 lawsuits prior to my departure as a supervisor. What he failed to state was that he voted to approve every litigation on behalf of the township and against the township during the four years we served together on the board.

While Latuska would like to erase the four years we served together as supervisors, I am proud of the achievements made by the board. The board instituted a fiscal policy that resulted in reducing property taxes to 1 mill from 2 mills, eliminated the position of township manager, achieved surpluses each year creating a $3.8 million surplus, and had all roads paved with asphalt.

All of that was accomplished with a three-member board.

Latuska states the township is on sound financial footing with a $264,000 surplus. However, he failed to state what the projected revenues and expenditures are for the remainder of the year.

Latuska pointed to the Butler County commissioners’ meetings as a “circus.” I refer to the commissioners’ meetings as a demonstration of democracy.