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No quick jobs fix

October 24, 2012 Letters to the Editor

Isn’t it naive to hope that anyone could quickly improve the jobs situation at this point when our country and others in the rest of the world are in such a state of flux?

No matter who is president, there will not be the wealth of job opportunities that this country enjoyed in the past.

This current situation of job scarcity is due to several factors — not only the outsourcing of jobs, but encouraging and rewarding those who outsource through the many tax advantages available.

Then there’s the current troubled financial situation that has led to bankruptcy and many closed businesses.

Also, there are fewer job opportunities due to automation and the other numerous technological changes leading to the elimination of some positions. Meanwhile, some new positions are requiring new qualifications for which many people are unprepared.

Finally, there’s the failure of some technological schools to keep pace with the changes and help overcome job-training challenges.

“Jobs” is a four-letter word that should not be resorted to in a chant by a political party.