Speed indicator option mulled
Cranberry Eagle
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October 23, 2012

MIDDLESEX TWP — The township is looking at using a traffic speed device to deter speeders who use Old Route 8 as a cutoff to Route 228 West.

Township manager Scot Fodi said at the Wednesday night supervisors’ meeting that he borrowed a portable traffic speed device from neighboring Adams Township and placed it on Old Route 8 for two weeks. The device electronically notifies motorists of their speed as they approach it.

Christy Tendarvis, a resident of Old Route 8, told supervisors at their September meeting that many motorists use Old Route 8 to avoid the traffic light at Routes 8 and 228 West.

She said they also run the stop sign on the road. Old Route 8 begins at Route 8 and ends at Route 228 just west of the light.

Tendarvis said the speeders create a hazard for children in the neighborhood and the elderly getting their mail. She said walking for exercise is impossible because of the unsafe situation.

Tendarvis and her neighbors suggested the township install speed humps or consider closing one end of Old Route 8.

Sgt. Randy Ruediger, officer in charge of the township police, said on Wednesday he and other officers have positioned themselves in the neighborhood recently, but have not seen the high speeds that Tendarvis had reported.

He said catching speeders is difficult in the area because motorists can see the cruisers and slow down.

“I would object to road closures or speed bumps,” Ruediger said. “There’s too much liability if you do that.”

Fodi said A. J. Myers and Sons also objects to closing Old Route 8 because school bus stops would then be on busy Route 8 or Route 228.

Fodi said traffic speed devices are available that need to be repaired. He said the repairs cost about $2,000, then the township would own the device.

Fodi is also looking into traffic speed devices from the Butler County Council of Governments that display speed and count cars.

Fodi stressed that the township has not yet decided on a further course of action.