October 17, 2012
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Katherine Halliday

Every week, The Cranberry Eagle will spotlight a local educator, providing a glimpse into what makes them tick.

QUESTION: Why did you become a teacher?

ANSWER: I have always had a passion for math and working with people. I entered the education field to help students appreciate the application of math in the world around us. Also, it always bothered me that people openly discuss their lack of interest in math. I attended a math conference a few years ago, and the speaker said, “Have you ever noticed that it is socially acceptable for people to say they are bad at math, but no one would say that they cannot read?” This stuck with me. It is my goal to change these perceptions. My plan has always been to motivate students and make math interesting, fun and relevant to their lives.

QUESTION: What is one sentence that sums up what you believe is the key to teaching?

ANSWER:Teachers must love what they do, and they must share their passion with their colleagues and students.

QUESTION: When you're not teaching, you most likely can be found doing what?

ANSWER:I am often working on graduate school work. I am finishing up my last year of my master's degree at the University of Pittsburgh. I am also often outdoors, reading a book, practicing yoga, and spending time with my family, friends and fiancé.

QUESTION: What is one thing about you that likely would surprise your students?

ANSWER:I enjoy trapshooting!


SCHOOL: Seneca Valley Senior High School

GRADE: 11th and 12th grade

SUBJECT: AP Statistics and CHS Statistics; SHS Student Council Adviser


HOMETOWN: Gibsonia


FAMILY: Parents, Karen and Jim Halliday; and a brother, Jimmy Halliday