October 17, 2012

Seneca Valley
Monday — Soft beef taco (taco meat and cheese) salsa and sour cream, broccoli in cheese sauce fresh, pears, assorted milks and juices
Tuesday — Mini Pierogies, Lucky Tray Day, Jell-O, hot mixed veggies, oranges, cherry tomatoes, assorted milks and juices
Wednesday — Meatball hoagie (cheese), tossed salad, mixed fruit, assorted fruit and veggie bar, assorted milks and juices
Thursday — Macaroni and cheese, roll, cherry tomatoes, hot cinnamon apples, assorted milks and juices
Friday — Bosco Cheese Sticks with marinara sauce, Mandarin oranges, assorted fruit and veggie bar, assorted milks and juices.
Monday — Popcorn chicken with roll, veggie burger/ whole-grain bun, oven-ready potatoes, peaches, peppers and onion pizza
Tuesday — General Tso's chicken, whole-grain rice, hot club croissant (ham, turkey, bacon, cheese), broccoli, pineapple
Wednesday — Stuffed shells and a garlic breadstick, Rachael reuben (turkey) on rye, green beans, oranges, hawaiian pizza
Thursday — Pork chopette with roll, breakfast sandwich with muffin (egg, bacon cheese), mashed potato and gravy, steamed corn, pears, sausage pizza
Friday — Chicken quesadilla, hot salsa, pork ribby with bun, Mexican bean cold salad, corn, pineapple tidbits, 3-cheese pizza.