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2nd term will hurt U.S.

October 9, 2012 Letters to the Editor

Barack Obama has been president of the United States for nearly four years, and the country’s citizens, including those who voted for him in 2008, still don’t know who he is.

Obama has put a lot of effort and money into hiding his past from the electorate because he has a lot to hide. Many of us still aren’t convinced that he is an American citizen.

I do not believe Obama is an American citizen and therefore believe that he is serving as president illegally.

Obama publicly claims to be a Christian but his actions indicate otherwise. He canceled the national Christian day of prayer and then proceeded to participate in the national Muslim days of prayer.

He also made the statement that “the United States is no longer just a Christian nation.”

Obama also promotes abortion, gay rights and same-sex marriage, all of which a true Christian would oppose.

He reportedly stated that “the early morning call to worship of Islam is the most beautiful sound on earth.”

It is obvious that Obama is not a Christian as he proclaims, but is in fact an anti-Christian Muslim.

Every American voter should make it a priority to see the movie “2016, Obama’s America” before the election. The movie exposes Obama’s past and will make voters think twice about casting a ballot for him on Nov. 6.

In fact, it will make voters understand why we must vote him out in November. A second term for Obama will be disastrous for our beloved country.