They Responded to help a WW II Hero's Widow
Written by:
James Lucot
May 29, 2012
Renfrew, PA
Renfrew, PA

Mrs. Chris Abraham, the wife of the late WW II Hero, Abie Abraham, "The Ghost of Bataan" has returned home after M/Sgt. Abraham burial Arlington National Cemetery. Their 50 acre home has needed extensive maintenance and upkeep and three local seniors came to her assistance. David Miller, Kevin Locke and Seth DeHart volunteered along with their football coach and longtime friend of the late war hero, drove up on Thursday, May, 24th to get the job done. All types of landscape work including cutting and planting trees, hauling branches and debris and hours of weedwacking was performed. All three played offensive line for Seneca Valley High School and will be attending college in the fall. David Miller received a football scholarship to Lafayette College, Kevin Locke will play at John Carroll University and Seth DeHart will attend IUP. These young men represent the finest of their generation and deserve all the accolades for their deeds but none would expect it. All of them told Mrs. Abraham they would be back anytime.