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Writer’s view misguided


September 12, 2011 Letters to the Editor

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Tracy Maalouf’s letter to the editor of Sept. 6 regarding creationism and evolutionary biology is misguided in its attempt to create “two types of science.”

Science is a species of knowledge and truth. There can be no parsing of that fact into Maalouf’s artificial dichotomy that serves solely to spare religious mysticism from the rigors of logic and reason.

Furthermore, Maalouf asserts arbitrarily that evolution is not discernible by observation, ignoring scientific evidence — the same type of evidence that underlies my practice of medicine every day and also guides the surgeon’s skillful hand.

Maalouf also grants religion a monopoly on morality while failing to realize that morality — a code of values to guide one’s life — is derived from the requirements and nature of human life, not from mystical dictates.

Because humans flourish only under certain circumstances, the actions taken to achieve those circumstances are what underlies morality. Honesty, integrity, productivity, rationality, etc., are all recipes for successful living, irrespective whether a mystical deity commanded it or not.

Lastly, Maalouf asks what one loses by living life according to Biblical pronouncements if there is no afterlife. To live consistently, as Maalouf advocates, one must surrender his or her rational faculty, limit reason, and adopt self-sacrifice as a moral ideal — a steep price to pay for nothing.

Meanwhile, on another topic, state Auditor General Jack Wagner is right in his criticism of the failed wine sales kiosks that the Pennsylvania state liquor monopoly provided. However, Wagner falls far short when he suggests that the stores stay open longer to better convenience consumers.

What Wagner should advocate is allowing the market to determine what hours are most convenient for consumers and sellers — something that is impossible under the current socialist scheme.

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