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Warden orders masks for jail searches

After officers became ill

Joe DeMore, the warden at the Butler County Prison, has ordered special masks so correctional officers will not be sickened by substances while searching a cell.

8/17/2018 Local News 0 comments

Man sentenced to prison for homicide

East Butler victim stabbed to death

Christopher Cannon

The daughter of an East Butler man told the defendant who pleaded guilty to killing her father to seek a relationship with God and ask for forgiveness while he is in prison.

8/17/2018 Local News 0 comments

Zelienople to take part in flood study

Overall cost to be shared

A hydraulic study is being sought to address flooding in the Zelienople, Harmony and Jackson Township area.

8/17/2018 Local News 0 comments

Slippery Rock library moving to new building

Slippery Rock Community Library is moving into a 2,240-square-foot building at 465 N. Main St.

The Slippery Rock Library is moving into a 2,240 square feet building at 465 N. Main St. shortly after Labor Day.

8/17/2018 Local News 0 comments

Action delayed in online school threat case

Bryan Flecken

A Butler School District alumnus accused of making online threats against the district will have to wait to see if the case against him will effectively be dismissed.

8/17/2018 Local News 0 comments

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For Pa.’s dairy industry, the local flavor matters

In case you hadn’t heard, 2018 is a bad time to be a dairy farmer in Pennsylvania. Farmers are closing down or moving on to different pursuits; buyers are canceling contracts.

8/17/2018 Our Opinion 0 comments

Other Voices

For a place that most of us will never see firsthand, the White House Situation Room conjures vivid mental images: gleaming high-tech military coordination, late-night strategy meetings with global...

8/17/2018 Other Voices 0 comments

The doggone truth about Trump

Remember how we speculated about what kind of dog Donald Trump would get when he moved into the White House? He never did get one. And now we know why. He hates dogs!

8/17/2018 Other Voices 0 comments

Trump and the ‘Gotcha!’ crowd

Given his braggadocio, his ignorance, his twisted tweets and more, President Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, except, of course, for Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, a past buddy of...

8/17/2018 Jay Ambrose 0 comments

Other Voices

One of humanity's greatest achievements was to go from a teetering aircraft at Kitty Hawk to a man on the moon in just a few decades.

8/16/2018 Other Voices 0 comments