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Electronics E-Waste Recycling

Type of Event: GOVERNMENT

Date: September 15, 2017
Location: Slippery Rock Borough Building - 306 E. Water Street, Slippery Rock, PA
Time: 8:00AM-2:00PM

E-WASTE: A special collection will be provided for Borough residents only, one time per year in the fall, during bulk collection and will be limited as follows:
4 - TVs all sizes, intact/no broken glass 4 - Cellphones
4 - Computers: desktop, laptop or tablet intact 4 - Radios
4 - E-readers and peripherals 4 - Fax Machines & Copiers
4 - Monitors intact/no broken glass 4 - VCRs
4 - Keyboards 4 - CD Players
4 - Printers 4 - Stereos/Tape Players
4 - Mouse

Please note: Slippery Rock Borough will accept no responsibility for the security of personal information so please remove and destroy computer hard drives prior to dropping them off for collection and clear all personal data from cell phones.

Website: slipperyrockboroughpa.gov

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