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Community Events

Living Like a Stoic Week


Date: October 17, 2016
Location: Old Stone House - 2865 William Flynn Hwy, Slippery Rock, PA
Time: 6:30AM-7:30AM

On mornings of 10/17-10/21 (6:30-7:30am) at the Old Stone House, there will be a small workshop group to discuss Stoic approaches to our understanding of loving relationships.

On the evening of 10/20 (7-8:30pm) at the Old Stone House, Andrew Winters (Instructor of Philosophy at Slippery Rock) will be discussing with the public what it is like to live as a Stoic in a modern world.

The public is invited to both of these events.

Website: http://www.blogs.exeter.ac.uk/stoicismtoday/about/

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