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Ghostly Tales of Gettysburg


Date: September 20, 2013
Location: YWCA - 120 W. Cunningham Street, Butler, PA
Time: 7:30PM-8:45AM

On July 1, 1863, almost two hundred thousand soldiers descended on the quiet town of Gettysburg. Almost ten thousand gave their lives… and legend says, some never left.

From Edgar Allan Poe to Charles Dickens, to true stories of the Civil War, Steve Anderson’s one-man shows and storytelling programs bring the past to life for audiences young and old. Combining solid research, ten years of teaching experience, and twenty years as a stage actor, Steve seeks to enlighten, inspire, and entertain. Join us as Steve shares some history and the ghostly stories that have emerged from Gettysburg and surrounding areas during the Civil War.

Website: www.butlerhistory.com

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