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Date: November 12, 2012
Location: cranberry twp - 1 dutilth drive, cranberry twp, pa
Time: 12:01AM-12:01AM


the homo depot of cranberry township (pennsylvania) is having a "do it herself" (special ed.) type of clinic on what looks to be november 15th and 16th and 17th. details at homedepot.cranberrytownship.co (i will try to take a clearer picture and i will replace the pic).

it seems that any business has some kind of "lesser gender day," so take a cue from the men who frequent the "ladies only" poker tournaments. http://www.pokerlistings.com/men-crash-wsop-ladies-event-once-again-28689

it is just as illegal to ban men from a function at the homo depot as it is to ban men from a poker tournament! so, as dr. frank-n-furter used to sing, "i've laid the seed, it should be all you need". go, my brothers, go crash the special olympics as if you were eric cartman. if you're tired of all the special compensations that society gives to members of the special gender (given most likely as a compensation or as an apology for their lesser height and their lesser width and their lesser strength), then just crash this "retard convention" with your own superior (masculine) states of being. even better, crash this "retard convention" with your chest hair showing...just because, simply put, testosterone offends women by making men stronger than estrogen could ever do for them (why do you think women want all proof of testosterone shaved off mens' bodies?)

come one, come all, let's crash this "retard convention" that IS special ed. as a kind gesture, though, it may be nice to acknowledge DAIRY...so, as a consolation prize, please bring a box of tampax for them to use whenever the wombn need to catch eggs from their wombs - also, please bring a bottle for them to use when they need to catch their breastmilk from their milk jugs.

it's just another form of sexual assault, but it'll be more fun than a barrel of severed (cancer-infested) breasts!
dylan terreri, i

Website: http://homedepot.cranberrytownship.co

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