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Butler Area School Board hears complaints on masking

September 13, 2021 Digital Media Exclusive

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The Butler Area School Board found itself fielding concerns Monday from parents regarding children being required to wear masks.

The state Department of Health mandated that children must wear masks while at school shortly after the school year began.

“The public comment session was longer than usual,” Superintendent Brian White said. “There were 14 people who spoke, and they all had something to say about masks.

“They believe the (acting) secretary of health (Alison Beam) lacks the authority to mandate that children must wear masks in school.”

White said the speakers were respectful, but he emphasized that schools must follow the mandate.

“We can continue to listen and work with parents as much as we can,” he said, “but until the (mandate) is struck down, if it's struck down, we have to follow the law.”

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