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Restaurants, bars banned from selling alcohol on Wednesday

Stay-at-home advisory issued

November 23, 2020 News Extra

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Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine issued a number of new advisories and orders related to COVID-19 with some revolving around the holiday, including an early end to alcohol availability Wednesday.

In a news conference Monday, Levine announced that on Wednesday only, bars, restaurants and other businesses who sell alcohol on-site, must stop those sales by 5 p.m. for the rest of the day. The measure was one of multiple relating to a stay-at-home advisory, similar to that issued by the Allegheny County Health Department last week.

“This stay-at-home advisory is not a shutdown order,” Levine said. “You're much safer at home.”

Levine reiterated on Thanksgiving, people should spend the holiday only with immediate family, or those with whom you share a household. She said any visits with friends, extended family and neighbors puts people at risk.

“It puts your entire household at risk,” she said.

In the past year, similar orders have been put in place, but they were loosely enforced. Levine said citations, fines and disciplinary actions for repeated offenders are on the way.

“Orders announced today will be enforced,” she said.

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