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House fails to override Wolf's veto of sports crowd size bill

September 23, 2020 News Extra

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Republicans in the state House of Representatives failed in their attempt Wednesday to override the governor's veto of a bill earlier this week that would have allowed schools to make their own decisions about crowd sizes at athletic events.

Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed House Bill 2787 on Monday. The bill would grant districts the “exclusive authority” to develop mitigation measures in response to the virus. The bill was in conflict with a state order that includes a restriction limiting outdoor events and athletic events to 250 people or less, regardless of size of venue.

On Wednesday, the House GOP attempted to override Wolf's veto, but the vote failed to pass. All of Butler County's representatives voted to override Wolf's veto. The move to override was sponsored by Rep. Mike Reese, R-59th.

These moves come after a federal judged ruled Sept. 14 in favor of a lawsuit filed May 7 on behalf of Butler, Fayette, Greene and Washington counties, four Republican lawmakers and several small businesses that Wolf's coronavirus mitigation orders were unconstitutional.

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