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Series of vehicle break-ins being investigated at Morain, McConnells Mill

September 18, 2020 Digital Media Exclusive

Park rangers are investigating a series of vehicle break-ins at both Moraine and McConnells Mill state parks. Dustin Drew, manager of both parks, said the break-ins have been during the day on weekdays.

“For the most part, it's been locked vehicles, and windows have been broken,” Drew said. “I would still recommend locking your vehicle, but don't leave anything in plain sight.”

Drew said rangers have been investigating since the first instance of break-ins last week. He said another set of break-ins occurred Thursday.

Rangers have been using various patrol methods as well as keeping in touch with the victims to monitor any use of trackable stolen items. Rangers also have asked state police for some help in the matter.

Drew said he and other park officials are trying to spread awareness about the crimes and the risks they pose.

While no one has been injured in the crimes so far, Drew asks for people to be cautious if they see that their vehicle has been or is being broken into.

“I wouldn't recommend approaching them,” Drew said. “Try and get somewhere around other people or maybe a restroom. Calling 911 would be that first step.”

Drew said the investigation will continue, but in the meantime, people need to be aware and careful.

“We want to make sure we can do all we can to help the visitors prevent it from happening,” he said.